Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Coffee Maker

Yesterday Rob found this coffee maker on sale and came home with it as a surprise.  I have yet to make a decent cup of coffee with it but that's because it typically takes me a few days to get the water to coffee grounds ration just right.  So far I know that 8 scoops to 10 cups water set to "strong" is not a good choice for me.

I'll bet my daughter would have loved it however!


  1. I need a new coffee maker. Mine makes terrible coffee. I think sometimes that maybe it's just me but no...I still think I may be coffee making challenged, but a different coffee pot may increase my ability to brew something I can actually drink. I will test this theory after we move. Speaking of which, I was informed this morning that after my vacation (June 8th-14th) I will not be returning to my current home store. Still don't know where I will be working but it's not in Jackson County.

  2. Yay on the news re your job. I'm curious to hear where you will eventually land.

    As for making decent coffee, I have to play with the measurements. Yesterday it was too strong and today it was not robust enough. I'm using the same coffee blend so I know it isn't the type of coffee.

    I hate to say this but my mother swears by her environmentally hostile coffee maker and she insists that she can't make a decent cup of coffee either. So if you really get hard up for good coffee, I know what maker to recommend but you'll have to promise to plant trees or something to make up for what you will end up doing to the environment as a result.

  3. I'm not at that point yet. I will definitely keep this in mind as it is very possible I may need to know one day when I actually have more time to make my own coffee at home. For now, I will settle on buying a new pot as I said, after we move and have all that done.

  4. When you settle in, it may be better because the water will be different too. That's another factor. Some areas simply have better water.