Tuesday, June 01, 2010

45K Words

As an experiment, I decided to see how many words I would write in May.

The truth is, I didn't track everything.  There are emails, letters, so many other random things I didn't copy into this one document.  So the grand total, which comes in close to 45K is probably about 20K short.

Part of the experiment included posting blog content above and beyond my endless book reviews.  I kept an eye on comments to see where there is interest in what I am writing.  Needless to say I ignored the bullshit spam comments.  I figure that part of the reason for posting is to post those things to which the readers are most responsive.  The rest of the stuff is only necessary if it is necessary for me and I don't need to post something (which typically means typing out something I've written longhand) because that's just time consuming.

The month is over.

The experiment is over.

I want to thank everyone who participated.  Much love.  I appreciate it.

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