Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Randomness--Retreats & Such

Create your own writing retreat.

Create your own spa treatment retreat.

Create your own creativity retreat

Create your own prayer retreat.  (Unfortunately, this one suggests you “go elsewhere” so I suggest reading some of the other retreat ideas that actually show you how to do this at home.)

For those who are wondering where it is my mother and I go when we go on our retreats, this is where we spend our time.

I am currently reading a book by Victoria Moran and I can only say that I had such a wonderful experience with Randi Eisman's yoga classes that I would imagine the weekend described below will be glorious.

May 14-16: Transforming Stress: The Art of Joyful Living with Randi Eisman & Victoria Moran
This special weekend program will provide you with the tools for the transformation of your tension and stress.
Through the integration of gentle and restorative yoga postures, breathing, meditation and deep relaxation you will be nurtured to a state of balance, harmony and peaceful well-being. 
Learn to incorporate these stress management techniques into your day, allowing yourself to move through the challenges of life in joy and equanimity. 
Join Randi and Victoria this weekend and embrace this opportunity to relax, mind, body and soul. 

And such . . . 

I love how this aunt used her creativity to inspire her nephew and help him through a challenging life experience.

And this is just plain fun.


  1. Joe got an insanely amount of these correct. Should that be impressive or shameful?

  2. Of course he did. I would say you and I can be impressed but let's not tell him and leave him feeling ashamed. It's more fun that way.