Saturday, June 12, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Seems like all the cool kids I know are thinking about zines.  I know I am.  So when I found out about the 24 Hour Zine Thing I knew I had to share.

So what are the really cool kids doing?  I don't know.  I have a feeling none of them will be making a zine in July in a single day, however.

(This site has some links to samples:
And apparently this is a video that follows a 24 Hour Zine Thing Event but my computer simply wasn't cooperating:

PS:  Seriously, I need to get a job soon or I am going to implode with the inanity of my life.


  1. Oh yes, I think you totally should! :)

    Thanks for this link, I did a (three-person-) 24h comic challenge once but hadn't heard of the zine thing until now (but then, I only discovered zines about half a year ago or so). Definitely sounds tempting... I think I'd have/want to finish the one I'm currently working on first though.
    Hmmm... Are you gonna do it?

  2. Well it would seem my daughter is planning on doing it and a friend of mine who lives too far for us to do it together is doing it and my son is also thinking of doing it so I think I am going to be doing it.

    I am trying to coordinate a day my children and I can do it, perhaps invite anyone else I know who lives close enough and who is doing it as well, to join us. Make a party of it.

    The hard part is trying not to think about possible content. The rules say that although you can say what kind of zine you will make you are not to think too much about it. And absolutely no pre-planning sketches and such. Sheesh! That's the hard part because I am already trying to push away possible ideas.