Saturday, June 05, 2010

Thank You Cards

So who knew that eloping would still result in gifts?  Certainly not I.  Nor Rob.  So here we were, receiving gifts from people and we had to choose a thank you card we both liked.  A trip to World Market and Target turned up nothing that thrilled us but we finally found something we liked at Borders.  (Actually, to be honest we found lovely cards at Target but we didn't need 50 cards.)

Given how long it typically takes for Rob and I to agree on anything, the fact that we only went to three stores and found something we liked is really quite remarkable.

But it doesn't end there because once we had the cards it occurred to us (okay, it occurred to me) that we needed appropriate stamps.  Sure we could have just used the last of the Christmas stamps but I couldn't see putting a toy soldier stamp on the thank you for the wedding gift cards.  I figured we could just use whatever Love stamps were out there but then we made a discovery.

There are wedding band postage stamps.  Ooooh.  So we had to have those.

And now we have sent out the Thank You cards with appropriately grateful comments inside.  We only needed to send three.  If we'd had a wedding with lots of invited guests and received a lot of wedding gifts it would have been a lot more stressful even though we would have gotten a lot more gifts, I suppose.  I'm okay with it.  I was able to write nice notes (at least I think they were nice) and I love what we have.  Rob does too.

And for no particular reason, here is a photograph of Rob's ring, although he preferred to wear white gold rather than yellow gold.  And one of my own engagement ring.  My wedding band is a slender plain wedding band that belonged to his Aunt Jenny.

 As of today, Rob and I have been married for one month.
My mother told me that when she and her husband were married, she didn't believe that things would or could get better but they did for her and she knew they would for me and Rob.
She was right.
Things are getting better all the time.  

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