Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tuesday Morning Adventure

This morning, when I went to take the dogs out, Snowdoll was being utterly uncooperative and not in her usual "Catch me if you can" way.  Instead, she was bouncing around the kitchen.


File:Troglodytes aedon 2.jpg
Because we had a House Wren (aka troglodytes aedon) which was flying back and forth.  I managed to lure Snowdoll out of the kitchen and sent her and Romanov outside while I tried to find the bird.

It was gone.

Hmmmm . . .

Now the question is, of course, how did it get inside the house in the first place.  That shall obviously remain a mystery.  (Another mystery to ponder is, why was I more frightened at the thought that it might be a large butterfly or enormous moth than I was at the idea a bat had managed to find its way into the house?)

If you go to the wikipedia site link above, you can listen to its song which is rather pretty.

But apparently they aren't very nice birds and most people do not welcome them, especially into their homes. I made my coffee and the dogs and I were settled down for our usual morning routine.  I assumed the bird had flown out the door without my noticing.  (It was morning.  Before my morning coffee. You would be amazed at what I can overlook under those circumstances!)

Apparently, it had not.  I soon heard a scuffling noise from Rob's desk area and the bird emerged.  I scooted Romanov into the bedroom, closed the guest bedroom door on Snowdoll (who was under the guest bed where she likes to hide), and opened the front door to encourage the bird to find its own way out.  Easier said than done but eventually and inevitably done.  (I had oh-so-cleverly grabbed my cup of coffee and had it snugly with me as I watched and waited.)

First it flew across the living room to the table we have near the door.  I waited.  I waited some more.  I walked across the kitchen and ssssslllllllooooooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyy moved towards the bird.  Voila!  It flew out the front door.

So that was my morning and my morning adventure.  I still have to finish my morning coffee.


  1. Yay for leaving a comment!

    I was hoping you would see this post. I even went to the bother of looking up what kind of bird it was because I knew if I didn't you would ask me what kind it was just to get back at me.

    I was being preemptive. Ha!

  2. You can't fool me. By the time I posted this, it wasn't morning for you any longer. No way I could have been responsible for your fretful morning. Nice try, lady.