Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Randomness

This website is "I Write Like" and if you input some of your own writing it will analyze what you put in and spit out a writer whose style is similar to your own. I seem to write like Anne Rice (novella), Margaret Atwood (blog), and David Foster Wallace (poetry and blog).  So whose writing is yours most like?

This site is really interesting although frankly I think it could do without some of the text.  Photographs of different things with an emphasis on form.  Everything from a clock to cars to architecture is represented and it is just interesting to appreciate craft in the daily things of life.

This class was originally scheduled to start .  . . I forget when.  It's been rescheduled and now it starts this Friday.  Erm, next Friday I mean.  Today is Friday.  Not today.  Next Friday.  yeah.  Learn to watercolor paint.  Woohoo!

I realize that this is not a lot of randomness.  I'm still not feeling well and not spending a lot of my time sitting at the computer.  Eventually I'll be doing more online and, when I am, I'll stumble into more interesting things online.  In the meantime, I'm doing the best I can.  Enjoy!

(And since I don't have a lot to share, here's a pic of Romanov sleeping with his pokey tongue sticking out.)


  1. Pretty much every entry of my blog I pasted into the I Write Like analyzer said I write like a guy. Different guys. And my blog is the only writing of mine I have to paste.

  2. I'm surprised I came up as a woman at all, frankly. Not sure how it works nor do I think it's accurate. But it's an amusing and momentary distraction.