Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Randomness

Every now and again, Blogs of Note gets it right.  Last week they featured this blog and I loved what I saw.  Although there isn't much content, what's there is choice.

So  I looked at her profile and came across this blog for the doll artist I've mentioned in my blog before but deserves a second mention.

Due to my illness, this is another sparse randomness.  I swear eventually I'll feel well and be able to flood you with links of true randomness.


  1. I spent quite some time looking at the enchanted dolls. Very interesting. Makes me wish I had such a hobby or talent. They are quite exquisite. Great find!

  2. I agree. Those enchanted dolls are absolutely exquisite. And expensive. Very very very expensive.

  3. Very very very very expensive. Otherwise we'd both totally have one! Crazy expensive. But I would say reasonable so.

  4. I concur. One of the few times I can say "Oy, that's very very very expensive" and "but it's worth it" all in the same breath.