Sunday, August 15, 2010

LGBT Bookstore Supporting Anti-Same-Sex Writer

The other day I received an email from a local LGBT independently owned bookstore.  As always, I read it from top to bottom.  Or I would have if I hadn’t stopped at the announcement that the book group will be reading and discussing The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman.  Now, if this bookstore were Christian bookstore, I wouldn’t think twice about this.  If it were a chain store that one could find anywhere across the United States, I still probably wouldn’t pause.

However, this bookstore is not Christian nor is it a national.  It is, as the newsletter states, an independent feminist bookstore.  They also support the community–specifically stating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.  They even suggest that their customers support LGBT causes.

Okay.  Fair enough and woohoo!

So why then is this forward thinking bookstore inviting its shoppers to buy a book that is even remotely associated with the anti-same-sex-marriage movement?

Gary Chapman is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and teaches on their radio station.  Moody is openly against same-sex marriage.  I really don’t mind.  I think everyone should stand behind the power of their convictions.  But I also have the choice to not support Chapman by investing hin his literature and while I understand a bookstore needs to make money by selling books one would assume a bookstore that says they are LGBT would not financially support a Christian who is openly against same-sex marriage.

How can this bookstore be pro-LGBT while promoting the book of a man who also serves on the board Tim Wilkins’ ministry?  Who is Tim Wilkins?  He’s a member of NARTH, and founder and director of Cross Ministry, a ministry committed to converting the homosexual to heterosexuality.  He himself was converted and speaks from experience–homosexuality is a choice, a sin, and against God’s plan.

Like it or not, Chapman is not gay friendly and this bookstore has made an egregious error in not doing their research and not taking a stance.  The conservative Christian community are standing in support of one another and their position on same-sex marriage.  It behooves our independent bookstores to do the same, especially if they claim to be supportive of LGBT causes.  You simply cannot have it both ways.  And supporting a writer whose organization has values that disagree with your own by having a book group is disingenuous to say the least.

I am intentionally not naming the store and I am also not going to link to any of the above mentioned people.  I see no purpose in doing so. 

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