Tuesday, September 28, 2010

1001 Delicious Dessert for People With Diabetes by Sue Spitler

1001 Delicious Dessert for People With Diabetes by Sue Spitler (with Linda Eugene and Linda R Yoakam) is a recipe book with, as the title suggests, a lot of desserts.  But how delicious are they really?




Now, we haven't been immediately thrilled with all of the recipes.  For instance, the cardamom crisps.  We loved the flavor but they weren't fulfilling on their own.  But, if you serve one as a base, with a scoop of low-carb (no sugar added) vanilla ice cream, with some peaches and a sprinkle of slivered almonds . . . seriously decadent and delicious.

We also liked the blushing bread pudding which we made with a rosemary infused loaf of bread.  Everyone said it was yummy, served with unsweetened whipped cream.  Rob suggested that it would also be good with ice cream. I further suggested that a sweeter bread, perhaps a brioche, would be even better than the more savory rosemary loaf we used.

The chocolate mango tarts were a hit even though most of us don't even like mango!  Seriously.  How is this even possible?  I don't know but kudos to the authors.  Rob, however, was not thrilled with the banana pecan cake although Marc and I liked it very much.  Perhaps not as a dessert so much as a quick bread type recipe.  Still, yummmmm . . .

Of course, we haven't tried all 1001 recipes yet but if the ones we've already tried (and there are others not mentioned above) no doubt we will have many recipes to enjoy and share for many days to come.

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