Sunday, October 10, 2010

Divine Magic by Doreen Virtue

Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation is a translation of the Hermetic text The Kybalion with interpretative notes by Doreen Virtue.  I should confess to having never read anything by Virtue before nor heard her speak.  I also had never heard of The Kybalion.  It is unlikely that, if this book were not one of the Transformational Book Circle books, I would have blissfully lived on without doing so.

I found nothing in this text that resonated with me on a spiritual level and my experience is so fare removed from the content that I found myself suffering through every page.  I remained unmoved, uninspired, and completely uninterested from beginning to end.

For those unfamiliar with The Kybalion, you can find an interesting article on wikipedia.

For those who are really into New Thought and who prefer their reading material be to esoteric and obtuse then this book will probably be a delight.  It was simply not my cup of tea.  Needless to say, I didn’t even listen to the accompanying cd because I really saw no point to it.  On the plus side, if you are into New Thought but don’t like to read, apparently you can just leave the Kybalion near you as you sleep and still benefit from its proximity, acquiring its teachings by osmosis I suppose.

And you wonder why I didn’t appreciate it.  Does it really get any sillier than this?  Oh wait, it does.


  1. Thanks for making me laugh, once again. I'm gonna sleep very well next to "Atkin's Physical Chemistry" tonight. :D

    PS: If it's osmosis: does it only work if the concentration of information in the respective person's brain is smaller than the one in the book? *g* Maybe that's why it didn't work out for you...

  2. I tried to figure out how to weave the idea that if college students actually believed they merely had to lie close to their textbooks to learn the content then they'd all graduate summa cum laude (I was merely magna cum because I slept away from my books).

    I think you may be right and the concentration of information may be the key. I'm reading a book on intention now which is not far removed from the teachings of this and that other stupid book but at least this book I'm reading now is written with more intelligence and honesty, less manipulation. We'll see if I still feel that way after I've finished reading it.