Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Sunday

The other day, my friend Rossana dropped by bearing wedding gifts.  Okay, so the gift is clearly more for the coffee drinkers in the household than for everyone but still . . . now I can make more than a cup at a time.  Yay!

She also lent me a book so double yay!

I was terribly tired from the conference.  Tired but also inspired.

After talking to Rossana, however, I'm having second thoughts.  You can read about the conference here and here.

I've become the poster child for "Better Safe Than Sorry."  Not sure if that happened because I grew older or just got tired of the bullshit.  Or maybe the truth is that I'm still scared of the hurt my words can cause.  Either way the end result is the same.

Yay coffee and books!


  1. I hope the coffeemaker is working well!

  2. Once I get the coffee grounds figured out (ie how much do I need to make the perfect cup), it'll be the best. Not that I'm complaining. There's always a learning curve.