Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Boys Are Too Old

Seriously, I'm too young to be the mother of children who are already past their first quarter life but . . . .

Twenty-six years ago today (around 5pm est this evening), I gave birth to Joe and Marc.  These pictures are taken from their facebook profiles.

Happy Birthday to my son Joe

Happy Birthday to my son Marc


  1. Joe's picture looks like he got a little too much sun. He should be more careful... :P

  2. Well, they say you are what you eat sooooo I guess I gave birth to a spicy chick-fil-a sandwich.

  3. Then you will be very rich woman! The creator of the spicy chicken sandwich from Chik-fil-A.

  4. And more so than if he'd only been a bag of chips or something.

  5. You just made me laugh out loud (at work... oops) - the comments, I mean!

    As for the pictures: May I say it was worth the effort. You gave birth to some seriously attractive offspring (and I don't mean the schnitzl)! ;D


  6. E*phi,

    You probably wouldn't get the joke but my son Joe put as his profile picture not only a sandwich (as you already know from this post) but, at another time, he put a picture of a bag of chips. They were a new flavor of chip and he was giving it a thumbs up. Then a friend of his said something about he's all that and Joe is only a bag of chips and . . . well, it's just become a sort of joke around here, calling Joe a bag of chips.

    Truth is, if he really were what he ate then he'd be pizza. (And if you look at the guy in ErinMichelleBKE's picture . . . that's Joe because she's my daughter-in-law.)