Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Romanov had a seizure today.  As soon as I walked in I shouted for Marc to call Rob and then I calmly placed my hands on Romanov, kneeling beside him, and focused (as best I could as Romanov frothed at the mouth and twitched on the floor) to give him some Reiki.

Within two deep breaths his limbs stopped thrashing and one or two more breaths and he lifted his head, clearly confused, unsure what had happened, utterly disoriented.

A vet appointment later and we are all on high alert, paying attention to him and hoping it doesn't happen again.

And so we wait . . . with fingers crossed . . .

Needless to say, I'll be giving him some more Reiki before I go to bed since he responded so well to it.


  1. The doctor said that if he had two or more seizures in the next week, we would have to bring him back in for more tests so I was waiting to see what would happen and, after looking at the calendar, I knew that he wouldn't be completely out of the woods until Tuesday.

    I am thrilled to say he didn't have another seizure as of yesterday.

    Now here's hoping he doesn't have two or more today.