Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Wicab Awarded $3.2M for Research and Development with the BrainPort� Vision Device

Wicab Awarded $3.2M for Research and Development with the BrainPort� Vision Device

This is the company that makes the BrainPort device already approved in Canada that can help those living with chronic vertigo to regain their balance. (How bored are you because I could blabber on about how it helps to rewire the brain and such?)

If you want to know more about this device, you can read the first chapter of The Brain That Changes Itself. As you can see from this article, Wicab Inc. is still trying to get FDA clearance for this device. In the meantime, the only way to get it is to go to Canada for three days of training and then you can take home the device for a trial period or buy it outright for $10,000.

The story in the book shares how the prototype was developed.  The size has been reduced significantly and it is already being used successfully in Canada.  In other words, people who have vertigo can be cured if they have access to these things.

But here, in the US, we wait.  We wait for the FDA to recognize the benefits and approve something that could be making live more bearable for many people.

We wait.


  1. Oh, things like that are so frustrating! And this thing would help you without any surgery? The price is ridiculous, who the hell is their "target audience"? People suffering from vertigo or millionairs?! I've no idea how much the development and manufacturing costs for such a thing are, but still, it makes me sad that there's no way for people with less money to be helped. :'( (Have you tried emailing Bill Gates and his generous benevolent friends about this? Who knows, I mean... ;D )

  2. You know, I have that on my endless to-do list: email Bill. I keep forgetting. I'm a flake.

    I think the reason it costs so much for outsiders is that in Canada they have this weird thing called national healthcare so anyone who doesn't have access to the same thing, because they aren't a citizen of that country, are the ones who have to pay.

    Of course, even if the FDA were to approve its use here, it would cost money without insurance, since the US is oh-so-clever about these things and refuses to actually provide any help to keep its citizens healthy, but from what I understand the cost would go down by half as a result of the approval.

    In other words, if the FDA would stop cock-blocking shit, shit might happen.

    And don't get me started on the shit congress is trying to stop from happening in this country. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that we don't already have national healthcare given how very long this has been an issue.