Friday, November 05, 2010

Call Me, Mrs Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Call Me, Mrs Miracle by Debbie Macomber is everything I typically tolerate in a holiday movie and loathe in a novel.  I don’t like romance but I love Christmas.  Take a mysterious albeit benevolent older woman, add a handsome heir apparent and a single woman who is sacrificing herself for the good of others and you have a typical romance cum Christmas novel.  Add a few recipes (for cookies, chicken, and a salad), toss in a few aphorisms that are too often trite and read like church signs rather than deep truths, and you have this novel.

But I didn’t hate it.  I think I would have liked it much more as a movie.  And apparently, Hallmark is doing just that–coming to a television near you, a sentimental bit of holiday schmaltz.  Wait, this is a sequel?  There’s already a Mrs Miracle movie out there made by Hallmark you say?  Why yes, apparently there is, which goes to show you that I may love Christmas but tend to avoid romance.

The thing is, this is not a bad novel.  It’s cute and, if you like this type of story, it isn’t disappointing.  A quick and relatively mindless bit of reading.  It reminded me of Holiday Affair and I could see where, had I watched this on television one evening or afternoon, I would have sighed in holiday delight.  So for these reasons, I’m not saying I hate the book.  Remove the Christmas stuff and I would have disliked it much more.  Remove anything else and I probably wouldn’t have liked it much more . . . a delicate balance suggesting the novel meets expectations, doesn’t exceed them.

Watch the movie if this is your cup of tea.  Or, if you love romance novels, give yourself an afternoon of holiday themed escapism.  As for me, I probably won’t watch this or the other movie.  Unless I am absolutely jones-ing for something Christmas and there’s nothing else around.  Given I have dvds and cds of my own, I doubt that will happen.  But you never know . . .


  1. I enjoyed this novel, but, then again, I enjoy romance novels. I also like Christmas-themed books, too!

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

    1. Cecelia, Thank you. I love Christmas a lot and I think that it saved me from being too disappointed. It's a sweet book and I do recommend it to people who tell me they like romance novels. I may even make time to watch the Mrs. Miracle movies someday.