Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finding Information is Harder Than it Looks

Ever since I woke up with vertigo, I've been on an endless search for information about vertigo, resources to share with others who are living with this condition, whether their condition is the result of an inner-ear infection, a disease,  blood pressure or anemia, vestibular or cervical.  I read anything and everything I can find.

There are days and weeks that go by with nothing and more often than not I find links to articles that promise to be helpful but are a waste of time and space.  Case in point, here is a verbatim cut & paste from something I found online:

The first time I knowledgeable Vertigo indicators was appropriate after I had a nasty bout with bronchitis. I experienced by now missed 1 7 days of function due to it. About the day I planned on returning to work; I acquired up when my alarm went off and promptly hit the ground.

Forget for a moment that this "blog post" is clearly poorly translated from another language.  What is interesting is that the website on which I found this has nothing to do with medicine, with vertigo, with science, with research.  No.  Rather the website on which I found this dubious blog post about vertigo is really a collection of links for you to work from home, how to start a home business, how to use google to protect your computer security and drive more traffic to your website.

I guess one of the ways they think you can do this is by posting articles that have nothing to do with the true purpose of your website to lure people who are legitimately trying to find information on various topics in hopes of distracting them long enough to click on one of these many "other" links.

This same poorly translated blog post appears on yet another website, this one supposedly about preparing for the holidays judging by the url.  What having vertigo and preparing for the holidays has to do with one another is anyone's guess.

The time the article begins like this:

The first time I skilled Vertigo symptoms was correct immediately after I had a nasty bout with bronchitis. I received by now missed one particular week of work because of it. On the day I planned on returning to operate; I acquired up when my alarm went off and promptly hit the ground.

Yep.  Only a slight variation on a theme.  (Both sites have this poor person falling into "your flooring" so if you had some stranger show up in your home and fall into your flooring, it's this writer, apparently.  Or maybe it's the translator.  Not sure which but somebody, like this blog post, gets around.)

The links on this holiday site offer ways to lose weight nicely (which I must say is nice of them), something about how to build a better website, and one link that will give you five pick up lines sure to function.  (As opposed to the dysfunctional pick up lines?  Maybe functional pick up lines help you avoid picking up dysfunctional people?  Again, your guess is as good as mine.)

And yet again:

The very first time I experienced Vertigo indicators was proper soon after I received a nasty bout with bronchitis. I obtained previously missed 1 7 days of do the job because of it. Over the day I planned on returning to work; I got up when my alarm went off and promptly hit the floor.

This site tells you yet again how to lose weight (but not nicely apparently), build site links, something about forex trading, and even a link to watch America's Next Top Model Season 15.

In other words, I click on a lot of useless information in search of useful information.  If you don't see me sharing information about vertigo for any length of time it's probably because there's simply nothing new to share.  That and I'm a terribly selfish person.  I'd rather not link to these weird websites that have these weird links that I don't trust.  I like to keep erroneous and untrustworthy websites all to myself.

Like I said, selfish.

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