Sunday, November 07, 2010

I forgot about it altogether

Apparently I have a Plinky account.  I forgot about it.  Until today.  Basically, the site offers you a prompt and you respond.  So here is my response to today's prompt.

Little Miss Muffet

You find a big spider in your bedroom. Your next move is to . . .

the next room immediately. I simply couldn't sleep in the same room with an insect. I am phobic when it comes to anything with more than four legs and my fear increases exponentially with the number of legs.

I won't even eat shrimp, crab. or lobster because they are, in my mind, merely glorified sea bugs. "Glorified" in that people not only pay to eat them but spend more on them, ounce for ounce, than they do most other sources of protein.


My phobia is so pronounced that I made sure nobody at one of my jobs was aware of my fear because at this particular company the men were notorious pranksters and I knew, given the chance, they would take advantage of this knowledge to my consequence. At best, some plastic insect would be put somewhere I would not immediately notice but could terrify me when I did. At worst, they would find an actual bug, even a dead one, and place it in my cubicle.

So my fear remained my secret. I no longer work at that office so if any of those former prankster coworkers are reading this . . . neener neener neener!

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