Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde is the second in an ongoing series of books which, thankfully, stand alone.  No cliff-hanger endings or implied survival of the foe defeated.  Instead, Thursday Next has vanquished the bad guy from the previous book and is now suffering the consequences of her celebrity.  Forced into a media frenzy she never meant to create, she is also under investigation for the changes she made to Jane Eyre.

Once again, Fforde has a great deal of fun with word plays and the occasional literary allusion, although there aren’t quite as many allusions this time around as before.  Or perhaps I was expecting them more this time so I wasn’t as surprised.  In this book, Thursday learns that she has the natural ability to actually immerse herself in a book, interacting with the characters and participating in the novel’s world.  Under the harsh training of Mrs Haversham (a character created by Dickens but who can also come into the real world, assuming Next’s world is at all real), she hones her talent to help save her husband’s life while also trying to discover what is going to cause the entire world to turn into a pink goo in only a few more days.

I’ve compared these novels with Discworld and although these novels don’t make me laugh out loud they do make me smile and even smirk every now and again.  This book lived up to its predecessor nicely and I look forward to reading the third in the series.


  1. I officially have all of them. I've yet to read the fourth and fifth. I needed a break after the third. Looking forward to getting into the last two. Luckily since you won't be reading them next year, I will be able to take my time, as another one will be release during the spring I believe.

  2. I guess it would really fuck you up if I were to say that next year I am making exceptions for sequels.


    I'm not.

    Just wanted to fuck with you.