Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reiki Links

Happiness is a Lifestyle: Reiki in Theory and Treatment

This article talks about how emotional pain can impact us on a physical level and how Reiki can help. The writer believes Reiki can heal, above and beyond our expectations and shares how Sister Eileen, who was harshly criticized by her peers for using Reiki, healed her scoliosis.

When Reiki Becomes The Teacher and Guide

In this article, the writer shares how she teaches Reiki and encourages her students to incorporate it in their lives. (One of hte things she recommends is using Reiki during yoga. I chuckled because every time I do any energy focused practice, whether its yoga or taiji or qigong, the Reiki energy always flows. It is not a conscious choice. It just happens. This is why I occasionally dedicate my practice to other people.)

This is a good overview of Usui Reiki, the type of Reiki which I myself practice. There are many schools of Reiki but all trace their roots back to Dr. Usui.

There is a great deal of misinformation about Reiki online so I want to also share links to sites that share the history of Reiki without including the erroneous information that one can easily find online.   These links will be redundant in content but the way one person shares information may be more accessible to one reader than to another.

It is my intention to begin sharing these links on a weekly basis.  

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