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Destination Dinners | Recipe Kits From Around the Globe

Destination Dinners | Recipe Kits From Around the Globe

Pad ThaiOkay. So this is just too cool not to share.

At this website, you will find recipe kits inspired by different destinations (hence the name: Destination Dinners). Want pad thai? Order a kit and it comes with what you need, plus instructions.  And doesn't that just look yummy?  (Albeit, this image looks like there's some shrimp so if you allergic to sea food or prefer to go vegetarian, you can obviously just leave out the shrimp.)

Kyoto Gift Set

But it gets better because you can buy things by the "gift set" and not just by the kit.  Want some Kyoto inspired Saikyo Miso and a little something extra?  Order the gift set and you get, along with all the fixings for the soup, some bowls and eating utensils.  You can even add a bit of romance and order a gift set that includes world music, resulting in a more inclusive eating experience.

They even have something they call a Destination Dinner Passport, a sort of dinner of the month club where they send a different dinner kit, along with a little something extra.  It might be a cd of music or a cutting board or even something special for dessert.  For the vegan or fussy eater, this may not be such an exciting idea (from what I could see a lot of the kit offerings were omnivore friendly) but for those of you who like to cook and like to experiment with new flavors and taste experiences, this is a great idea.  But if you have an aspiring chef who loves all kinds of cuisine, can it really get much better than this?

Oh, and they even have pretty things on clearance!

Miso Bowls: Etched Lacquer Soup BowlsTea Set (pot and four cups)

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