Thursday, January 06, 2011

Beginning of Something Longer

Stacey poked her tongue out at him, kissed his unshaved cheek, and grabbed the package she’d put down in favor of pulling on her coat.  “I’ll give her your love, her birthday gift, and nothing else.”

How easy it was to come to Mari’s defense but the truth was Stacey wasn’t looking forward to her lunar lunch with her dearest friend, didn’t want to hear about a marriage falling apart, how “his” selfish actions were going to destroy “her” daughter, and, above all else, Stacey didn’t want to listen to Mari talk about the “bitch whore” and “her bastard son.”

Not again this month.  All she could do was hope that Mari’s birthday was reason enough to talk about something else, anything else.

As soon as she walked into the café, Stacey knew it was hopeless.  Mari had ordered a full carafe of wine, never a good sign, and it was already showing some serious consumption.  At least two glasses of wine and she was reaching to refill her glass one more time, stopping only because she caught Stacey’s entrance out of the corner of her eye.


Mari’s voice, ever loud, only became more blaring with wine.  Two, maybe three glasses already, Stacey calculated.  “Happy Birthday, Mama,” she said, using her childhood nickname as she passed the gift into her friend’s hands before shifting to remove her coat.

“I’ll pour you a drink.  You need to catch up. You’ll never believe what happened now.”

And so the lunch went, with Mari talking about “the bastard” and “the asshole” and “his bitch” or merely “the bitch.”


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  2. Thank you for the encouraging words.