Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miracles Abound

Sterling Silver Allow... My poor engagement ring.  The center diamond is loose and we are afraid if I wear it I'll lose the diamond altogether.  Rather than allow that to happen, I have stopped wearing it.  Unfortunately, because my wedding band is actually too large and my engagement ring was holding it in place, I had to remove it as well.  (The wedding band is a family band, one Rob's aunt used to wear and has deep emotional relevance for him.)

So I replaced it with a ring I already own.  This one that says "Allow Miracles."  A few years ago I bought this ring for myself.  I also bought one for my mother and one for my daughter.  Two other friends were given the ring as well.

It's so easy sometimes, to get caught up in "things."  This morning I woke up and the snow is crusted over with ice and the street outside is already beginning to show signs of breaking free from the blanket that was there before.

Still, there was this wonderful silence. Fewer cars on the road and the muffled ambient noise was hardly discernible.  We so rarely get real snow days in Georgia that when they come they wreak havoc but it is also so very magical.

My friend Rossana pulled off a crust of ice shaped like a heart.  She said it's weird.  I think it's wonderful.  Sometimes weird is wonderful or maybe I'm just wonderfully weird in how I think.

Rossana Finds Something Weird & Wonderful

I kinda like the thorny bit on the upper right curve.  Feelings can be like that sometimes.  Pricking in unexpected ways.

Apparently, Bibi had fun with crusty ice as well, throwing it around.  I can imagine how delighted she found the crunch and squeak of the noise that snow makes, how it explodes when it falls apart, rather than shatters.  Or maybe she's just touching her toes here.  I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure that, whether she was throwing crust or not, she was having a blast yesterday.

Bibi Delighting in Miraculous Snow
Marc should be able to drive his car home sometime today but he doesn't have to work so the two of us will be playing a game.  Possibly Agricola or Civilization.  Now that we know how to play the former, it's time to learn how to play the latter.  Maybe not the miracle that six inches of snow in Georgia is . . . still, the day promises to be a pleasure. 


  1. She was most definitely throwing ice. She is usually a bit scared of certain things, like swings on swing sets and such. She actually slid down a hill with us on our makeshift sled. Not once but twice.

    It was by far a magical day. I fear today may be too cold to go outside for too long but we must go at least for a little while.

  2. I am organizing my desk today. What with Rob's family coming to town, it seems the least I can do.

  3. I didn't even notice the thorn until you mentioned it; it is a perfect isosceles triangle. That is even weirder. . .