Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Guest Room is Killing Me

Once upon a time, Rob and I bought a set of sheets, a star patchwork quilt, and some thick towels.  All for our guests and the guest room.  The quilt was in a taupe, creamy white, black, and a golden rod yellow, just feminine and masculine enough to be please us both.  The sheets were a high thread count and had a lovely sheen.

But the sheets were the wrong size for the bed so we had to start over.

Rob went to the store and returned everything, exchanging them for a deep red set of sheets that were not soft or smooth but actually felt scratchy against my skin.  The quilt was reversible with a hideous floral pattern on one side (same red with pink, yellow, and even purple flowers and green leaves) while the other side was striped (same colors in different thicknesses).

I never did tell Rob I hated the set as much as I did but I did.  And when Rob slept in the guest bedroom once, he complained about the sheets which he said were irritating to his skin.  (We owe Saila a thousand apologies for causing her suffering during her visit.)

So today, in honor of his mother's visit, we tried to get the bed ready for her visit only to discover that one of the scratchy red sheets is gone.  The fitted one, no less.  *sigh*  Which means we had to go to the store to buy a new bedding set.  Rob knew to pick something not too feminine nor too masculine.  We had throw pillows in sage green and marroon and gold which matched the hideous quilt and actually made the bed look much nicer.

Room Essentials® Black...
He went to the store without me and returned with this.

How many obvious problems would I have with this black & white plaid with white striped sheets that have thin black stripes on them?  I don't even have time to enumerate them all.

However, I like this slightly better than the other one.

All of the throw pillows are useless and now homeless.  They don't look right on this bed at all.  And I honestly can't think how I would make this look feminine.  It's totally masculine.  Short of buying neon pink sheets, this is a guy's bed.  And I am not buying neon pink sheets for this bed.

One day my guest room will look the way I want it to look and people will come over and feel as loved and lovely as they are.  In the meantime, grab a beer, scratch your balls, and come spend the night.  *sigh*


  1. Could he not return the sheets and take someone along (Marc, Rei, etc.) to help him pick out something else?

  2. 1) Rei doesn't live here and she was at work so the time it would take to fetch her and do that was prohibitive.

    2) Marc was at the mechanic's getting work done on his car thanks to the snowstorm and an icy hill.

    3) The bedding was one of many things we need to get done before the visit and going back to the store to exchange things again would simply be too much time wasted on something that I am frankly tired of thinking about.

    I just wish I could jump in my car and do what I want when I want. But I can't. And that's that.