Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Addition to the Family

An unexpected package arrived.  My mother sent me a new Guanyin statue. (I recently emailed with a young woman who explained to me the correct spelling and now I can only hope I won't forget.)  I wish this picture did the statue justice.  Bisque porcelain, her hands are delicate and she holds a willow branch and a small jar.

And this is yet another reinforcement, a message that says:  Satia, you are on your path now.  You have found your path.

More later when I am not fighting a sore sore throat.


  1. I love cards from your mom. They are always beautiful and her words make me feel special : ) Then again, so has Joe's whole family.

    I know nothing of what it means but it's a lovely statue.

  2. Really? Good. I'm so glad we make you feel special.

    My mother makes everything she touches lovely.

  3. I could see that about her, and I've not even met her yet.

    Hopefully Joe and I can correct that soon. We plan to travel north sometime this winter to visit my dad and I hope that we can sneak away for a little while.

    Nothing in stone yet though.

    And how rude of me, I knew you weren't feeling well on Christmas and now your throat is hurting, I hope you feel better soon.
    They have a newish medicine in stores just for sore throats. To be quite honest though, I took some Motrin and it went away for the entire day with just one dose.