Monday, January 31, 2011

Progress Thus Far

The progress on the list, thus far, seems more like regress than anything else.  Instead of reducing the number of things, they have increased and my email inbox, which was down to 416 is back up to 438.

I know there's a reason for this and a "good" one.  Family friends are experiencing some pain.  My mother and her friend have known one another for nearly 50+ years and my friend and I have known one another since my birth and her sister and I for over 40 years.  So this if family friends with a solid and resounding emphasis on the family.  I can't tell if how I feel is due to not sleeping well, the weather, or simply the deep sadness that surrounds us all right now.

I only know that I am reminded how important it is for people to be present even when words cannot possibly make a difference.

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