Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reading Challenge, a Real Reading Challenge

On, there is a 2011 Reading Challenge.  I thought about it:  What would be a real reading challenge for me?  One book a week?  Two?  Three?  Then I realized that for me a real challenge would be to read no books at all.

Unfortunately, decided that reading 0 books is not a challenge. And here I thought the site was run by other avid readers who would understand that reading a lot of books is easy . . . but going without a books altogether? Now that is a challenge!

2011 Reading Challenge
30,534 people participating
Motivate yourself to read more books: Enter the 2011 Reading Challenge!
You read 225 books last year.

Goal must be greater than 0
My goal is to read
books in 2011.

Total goal for all Goodreads users: 2,370,853 books
63,615 of 2,370,853 (2%)
Average goal for all users: 77 books
Total challenges completed: 11


  1. you know? i think a challenge to read no books would be somewhat self-defeating for me because i would fill that time reading even more online.

    hmm-- i've considered a screen-time fast. i wonder what the result would be if i banned both screen-time and books for a period of time? what would i do with myself? would i start *gasp* writing again??

  2. Oh damn. You had to go there, didn't you? Would I write if I spent less time reading or researching? Perhaps. I am not even sure at this point. I'd like to think that my renewed commitment to writing about having vertigo is laying a groundwork for something, some other writing. I am not sure. And then there's the writing a do for the newsletter. Does that even count? It does but doesn't, if that makes sense.

    Bleh. I'm rambling. Big surprise.