Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Marc actually went to work and then arrived there only to be told by the day manager that they were not opening.  So he helped clean up a bit in back and brought home a bunch of pastries.  Scones.  Muffins.  Brownies.  More.

So I took some over to our landlords.  And then some to our neighbors across the street.  And then walked about 1/4 mile up to another neighbor where Marc’s car was stranded.  He really shouldn’t have gone to work but he’s stubborn (like his mother) and responsible (not like his mother) and now that he’s home it doesn’t matter. 

I had fun walking the ½ mile there and back in the snow and have discovered that I walk better in snow than I do on solid ground.  Unfortunately, underneath the snow is ice.  I don’t walk well on that but, then, who does?  Oh wait.  Puppies.  Puppies walk and run and . . . well, they enjoy the snow sooooo much!

Back home, two grumbly men were muttering about the snow while I was bouncing around saying, “Who wants some hot chocolate?  This is going to be fun!  We should watch White Christmas!  Oh boy!  Let's learn how to play Civilization.  C'mon!  It's a snow day!”  

Then I muttered, “God, I’m like a little kid.”  

“Yeah you are,” they muttered. 

I think I live with a Scrooge and a Grinch!

Here is Romanov, enjoying the cold weather by taking a nap on my puma slippers.

And here is a picture of Snowdoll enjoying the snowy weather by running around outside. 

This pretty much says it all, doesn't it?


  1. You can come stay with us! We are loving all the snow!!!!

  2. Me too! I love them too!

    And Erin, how would I ever get up that hill?

  3. We will carry you up the hill!!!! We were sliding and rolling down the driveway at the house across the street, it's currently vacant.

    I'd not that much fun since I was a little one.