Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have You Noticed???

I've been updating some of the pages.  I am trying to figure out what is the best way to remind people to look at them.  Should I post a weekly "check these out" or just occasionally poke with a post like this saying that I've updated some of them and maybe you should look . . .

Not sure how to go about it.  But I have decided that new images will go at the top of the page and I've added quite a few things to the interior design section.  My style is eclectic, to say that least.  I look forward to someday having a home that is decorated to my taste and to which I need to add nothing.

For example, I saw this great piece of something in the movie Whatever Works.  It is this sort of random image that I am adding to the "interior design" page.  And then there are articles of clothing and/or jewelry that I think are lovely so I share those on the Pretty Things--Clothes.

There are so many pretty things . . .  and I realize that some of the interior design things are exterior things.  I confess, that's going to get worse as I seek out more garden ideas.  Hey!  If I can drop jewelry in with clothing I can do exterior stuff with interior things.

Whatever Works Movie Still

Whatever Works Movie Still

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