Sunday, February 06, 2011

Last Week's To-Do List With Comments

Work Related 
Call Rebecca 
Sign up for online course and begin working at it 
Organize desk and desktop 
Organize file 
Sort through basket 

I accomplished nothing on this list.  For one thing, I misplaced Rebecca's number and only found it again late last night.  Typical.  As for the rest, there is no excuse except that things were more challenging last week than I had hoped.  I started the week with many phone calls and messages of condolence flying about.  It was emotionally draining and time consuming.

Conference Related 
Conference call 3 February @8 
* Type notes for conference call 
* Send notes to conference call participants 
* Revise conference call notes 
* Send conference call notes to board 
* Upload conference call notes to blog 
Reschedule workshop committee conference call 
Reschedule ejournal committee conference call 
Read grant writing book 
Complete newsletter template 
Type up excerpt for newsletter 
Create preview newsletter and send to John and Angela

Here is where we begin to see a lot of things added to the list.  I forgot some pretty obvious "to do's" on the original list and had to add a few things here and there.  I also consider the work I do for the conference work so although I don't have anything under the "work" portion, I do have things under the volunteer work I do.  Some of the things I added to the list are not actually due until Monday and, so, are as yet unfinished.

Get email inbox under 200 unread (currently 416) 
Write Patrick (re 2010) 
Write Mary Emily (re gift) 
Write Larry & Momma (re book) 
Write Evi (re package) 
Write Saila 
Write Greg (re holidays) 
* Write Rossana

This is the most frustrating part of my list at this point.  My email was at 445 this morning and I unsubscribed from a few newsletters and such that I really enjoy reading but obviously don't have the time to read if I can't keep up with my email.  So instead of reading about yoga and Buddhism and ayurveda, I am only reading one email on yoga (that occasionally includes some other things like ayurveda and mantras, etc.).  Even by doing that, I am still overloaded.  And the only email I wrote was one I added to the list once again meeting other people's needs instead of my own.  I did write Larry.  But that hardly dented the long list, as you can see.

Organize shelves in guest room 
Organize shelves in great room 
Holiday decorations in attic 
Scrub kitchen floor

The holiday decorations are not really my responsibility but I helped pack them up to go into the attic which means I am part of getting that organized.  Unfortunately, that and laundry are the only two things I did this week as far as housework goes.  And we're having company today which makes the disorganized shelves in the great room all the more problematic for me.  I really wanted to have the shelves cleaned off.  Instead, I had surprise company--at my invitation but still.  Again, not doing what I need to do.  ARGH!

Reiki meditation 5x per week 
Strength training 3x per week (1x) 
Update well-being blog (2x) 
Update blog (2x) 
* Scan recipes 
* Get driver's license renewed 
* Buy card for Momma 
* Buy sympathy card for Mica 
* Mail card to Mica 
* Go with Rob to doctor's appointment 1 Feb 
* Write January summary for newsletter 
* Write card for Sachi 
* Mail card for Sachi 
* Go with Rob to Drs appt 3 Feb
* Babysit Bibi 11 Feb 

Okay.  I actually mailed the card to Sachi and I went with Rob to his appointment on the 3rd.  I also did weight training 2x.  I did not, however, manage to do a full Reiki meditation although I did give myself Reiki at random moments throughout the week.  I was more focused on sending Reiki to others, from friends who are dealing with heartbreak to friends who are dealing with death.   I didn't update the blogs the way I had hoped but they were updated so I could cross that off the list as a "sorta" finished.

Megan Cutter in town 6 February 
Plan V-Day playdate with Bibi 
Call Love 
* Call Love (left voicemail) 
* Call Love 
* See Rossana 
* Call Love 

Love obviously needed a lot of my loving attention and I called her several times, spoke with her a few times. We talked yesterday and she was doing better, more centered and balanced but still hurting.  We were able to laugh at foibles and such (and isn't "foibles" a fabulous word?).  And I think that the VDay playdate can be marked off as finished because Bibi is coming over on the 11th for some Bibisitting (that's what I call it anyway) and we're going to make cookies or cupcakes and such.  It'll be fun!

Anne of the Island 
Death’s Door 
The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need  
Gone With the Wind 
A Voice of Her Own 
Breaking the Silence 
Last Days of Babylon 

I started Anne and continued DD.  I haven't cracked open any of the others.  GWtW is an online book group book and I'm waiting for them to begin discussing it because usually I finish reading it and start discussing it only to wait around for everyone else to catch up and, by the time they do, I've lost some of my enthusiasm for discussing it and have returned the book to the library so I can't even refer back to it.  The Grant-Writing book is one I am reading for the work I do with the conference, as is BtS.  I have a feeling LDoB will be returned to the library unread.

 * Write the Following Reviews 
* Anne of Avonlea 
* Lovingkindess 
* Simple Abundance January 
* Garland of Love January 
* Sanditon and Other Stories 
* Peace and Plenty chapter one
* Drinking at Movies

When I originally created my "to do" list I completely forgot about the reviews I needed to write up soooo . . . I added this whole list of things to do.  The main reviews (AoA, L, SaOS, and DaM) are all on the review blog.  It keeps things easier that way and forces me to write real content for this blog occasionally.  You'll notice a few books listed that are marked with "January" or "chapter one."  These books are being read either for another online book group or are divided by month and I try to summarize my thoughts about each month's reading as I finish each one.  This way, if the book doesn't end as strongly as it begins (or vice versa), I won't be trying to remember ten months from now what the hell I thought of the first part of the book.  

So there is last week's list.  Not quite as fulfilled as I had hoped it would be but I am going to sit down today and create a new to-do list.  

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