Monday, February 28, 2011

Reiki Links for February

It's been a rough month for Reiki. One church has come out attacking a popular pastor for being a proponent of Satanism and one man was fined for hugging his employees which he claimed was helping to release negative energy.  A third was arrested for sexually assaulting a patient--but since those articles disappeared from the internet my guess is that the case has been settled out of court.

In any event, here are the links for February regarding Reiki.

Good advice for those who practice Reiki.
5 Ways to Help Reiki Flow Stronger When Someone Is in Pain

Finding websites where a Christian argues that Reiki is Satanic is pretty easy.  Finding websites where Christians are sharing their experience with Reiki is not so simple.  Not all Christians agree, of course.  My aunt, who is a practicing Catholic, is also a Reiki master in spite of the council of bishops in New York saying that sincere Catholics should never receive let alone practice Reiki.  Oh well.  Good article.  Enjoy!
Is Reiki for Christians ? | GreenReiki

This is an article about one of the many hospitals that are allowing Reiki practitioners to help patients in the healing process.
A touch of reiki |

As I said, there are Christians who do not agree with the practice of Reiki and, in the attempt to be fair, I present this article that speaks out about why Reiki is not acceptable to some Christians.
Reiki is a sin, Brodheadsville pastor warns |

I thought this article was interesting because it says a great deal about non-attachment without actually mentioning the Buddhist teachings on impermanence, etc.
How I Lost The Feeling Of Reiki Flowing Through My Hands After An Attunement

I hope you have enjoyed this month's Reiki articles and I shall continue seeking these resources out and sharing them at the end of the month.  See you next month if not before then!

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