Sunday, February 20, 2011

This Week's To Do List

And here we go again.  Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that I won't hurt my back and nobody in my life will have a crisis. And maybe, just maybe, I can knock out about half of this list.  Of course, if the last few times I've had a list are any indication, I'll be adding items to this anyway but that's because I get last minute calls about things and . . . I'm crossing my fingers.  I really need a slow week so I can get things done.

Work Related
Sign up for online course and begin working at it
Organize desk and desktop
Organize file
Sort through basket
Apply to jobs

Conference Work
Upload conference call notes to blog
Reschedule workshop committee conference call
Reschedule ejournal committee conference call
Create mid-month note
Upload and post-date poems to blog
Listen to Lifelines and take notes

Get email inbox under 200 unread (currently 409)
Write Patrick (re 2010)
Write Mary Emily (re gift)
Write Momma (re book and box)
Write Evi (re package)
Write Saila
Write Greg (re holidays)

Organize shelves in guest room
Organize shelves in great room
Holiday decorations in attic
Scrub kitchen floor

Reiki meditation 5x per week 
Strength training 3x per week
Cardio 3x per week
Yoga daily
Update well-being blog twice
Update personal blog twice
Update body blog daily
Get driver's license renewed

Saturday Morning walk with Kanika
Schedule new game day
Schedule coffee or something with Rossana
Call Love

A Voice of Her Own
Insecure at Last
Moving On
Anne of Windy Poplars
The Self-Compassion Diet

Write Reviews
Moving On
Insecure at Last

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