Saturday, February 19, 2011

The To-Do List Incompleted

For obvious reasons, due to my back being strained, I was unable to do many of the things in my to do list.  If I felt like I had fallen behind in January because of the illness and surgery, you can only imagine how much more stressed I feel now that I spent two weeks unable to sit up for more than a few minutes.

Work Related
Call Rebecca
Sign up for online course and begin working at it
Organize desk and desktop
Organize file
Sort through basket

I was making progress on my desk and I've given up on trying to call Rebecca.  

Conference Work
Revise conference call notes
Send conference call notes to board
Upload conference call notes to blog
Reschedule workshop committee conference call
Reschedule ejournal committee conference call
Read grant writing book (see below)
Complete newsletter template
Create preview newsletter and send to John and Angela
Revise newsletter with links
Type up journal exercise for newsletter
* Add journal exercise to newsletter
Add John's content to newsletter
Add closing thoughts to newsletter
Send newsletter (14 Feb)

I received a lovely email about the newsletter so I am glad I prioritized my time, to get the newsletter done and out to our readers.  I could have easily postponed it due to my back problems.  I still have to pick up the dropped balls but at least now I'm back on track, no pun intended.

Get email inbox under 200 unread (currently 437)
Write Patrick (re 2010)
Write Mary Emily (re gift)
Write Momma (re book and box)
Write Evi (re package)
Write Saila
Write Greg (re holidays)

My email is down to 409.  Only because I didn't read many of the newsletters to which I subscribe.  I have already unsubscribed from many of them and I guess I need to keep unsubscribing until I regain some balance.

Organize shelves in guest room
Organize shelves in great room
Holiday decorations in attic
Scrub kitchen floor

Yep.  No progress here and I'm not even the one responsible for the attic.  Sheesh!

Reiki meditation 5x per week (2x)
Strength training 3x per week
Update well-being blog (2x)
Update personal blog (2x) (1x)
Update body blog (daily) (2x)
Get driver's license renewed
Babysit Bibi (11 Feb)

I probably gave myself Reiki far more times than 5 during the past week as I continued trying to breathe into my back.  Some posts here and there.  I have a backlog of things I would like to share so there may be a slight flood in the next few days.

Saturday Morning walk with Kanika rescheduled

Again, back problems kept me from exercising.  I was pain free by the second Saturday but I am still being cautious and probably wise in doing so.

Anne of the Island
Death’s Door
The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need
Gone With the Wind
A Voice of Her Own
Breaking Silence
Last Days of Babylon

Well this list has to be practically overhauled.  Gone With the Wind is put on temporary hold due to the rest of the group needing more time so I've read through part three and stopping there until others catch up.  Look for a new "reading" list in the updated to-do list later today.

Write Reviews
Death's Door
Anne of the Island
10 Minute Solutions
Peace and Plenty chapter 2
Moving On chapter 2

Aha!  Here I managed to keep up with everything, perhaps because on some level I don't think these take as much thought or maybe because I was able to jot notes as I was reading and then simply typed them out when I was feeling better.  Regardless, I highly recommend Death's Door by Sandra M Gilbert.  

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