Wednesday, March 02, 2011

As Promised . . . One Week From Today

I said I would make an announcement regarding Ash Wednesday which is, as we all know, one week from today.  And I likewise promised I would share with one and all what I would be sacrificing for this year's Lenten Season.

As Saila mentioned in her comment, there are many reasons for observing Lent even if you yourself are not Catholic or even necessarily spiritual.  For me, this year's sacrifice is about discipline and simplicity, about appreciating what I have and honoring where I am.  About acceptance and minimizing.

Your curiosity must be horribly piqued by now.  Well, with no further ado, except for a quick reminder to please be comfortably seated before reading further because I don't want anyone to fall out and hurt themselves, I have decided to give up  . . .

Cobb County Public Library
Lewis A Ray Branch
Yes.  I am giving up the use of the public library for the duration of the Lenten season.  No borrowing books.  No requesting videos.  Not even their online resources.  I won't search for books or about requesting the library order new material.  I will focus on my own library collection at home and read only the books I have on hand.  Given that I am also on a book buying freeze, this is a double whammy of discipline because I will not buy any new books.  I am also going to not borrow any books from friends or family.   However, with my birthday falling in the middle of Lenten season (give or take a few days), I am going to allow myself the right to be gifted with books.  After all, it would be rude for me to say, "I'm sorry.  I can't accept your gift of this book, for you see, it is Lent and I, a non-believer/non-Catholic, have chosen to observe this tradition for some inane reason."

No library books.  


Do you think I can stand it?

We shall see . . . 


  1. I feel like you mentioned something to this effect a few months ago. Leading into the new year maybe. Let me research! And good for you!

  2. I did? Well, way to steal my own thunder. Sheesh! Let's pretend I had this big build up for all my new readers who may not have read all of my old posts. (Because, seriously, who has time for that?)

  3. I'm beginning to think you didn't say it in this blog. I'm on a hunt to find where I saw this. I think I know, I'll tell you when I find out where it was : )

  4. Or maybe I found it and already deleted it.

    Nooooo . . . I wouldn't do that to you.

    Or would I????

    No. I wouldn't. I wonder if I mentioned it in conversation.


    Found it!

  6. Okay.

    I think you are officially guilty of online stalking me.


  7. Actually, I was online stalking Saila. I hope I spelled her name right >.<

  8. Well, that's different and you did spell Saila's name correctly. (She and I have the hardest time typing out one another's name because of how similar our names are.)

    Feel free to stalk Saila all you want. She's in Finland, so be sure to dress warmly.

  9. as Ive stated in a previous blog titled "Wait a second...this isnt what i asked for", I happen to like stalkers. OK moving on. Very interesting that you choose to celebrate lent. I was raised Catholic and I have a hard time even remembering it. Very lofty ambitions on giving up your love of reading for the entirety of it. Maybe I'll give up oreos...

  10. There's a funny story about my finding out a few years ago that my mother, for some reason, had me baptized in a Catholic church. I found this shocking because I was raised atheist. (People would try to correct me by saying, "You mean 'agnostic'." And I would reply "Like I hell I do. I don't believe in a God. Never have. Never will."

    But then I did.
    And now I don't.
    Go figure.

    And it isn't that I won't read books. Heaven forbid!* Rather, I will be forced to peruse my personal library to find books to read and be forced to not distract myself with all the wonderful books out there. I have a small library that often frustrates me by what it doesn't have and, yet, it has quite a lot of wonderful books that will delight me so much that I never get around to reading the books I already own and haven't read.

    * I am being ironic here, obviously.