Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Clicks Matter

Yesterday I received a gift card from amazon.com.  At first I thought it was for my birthday but the amount was so peculiar.  And that made me wonder if the email was a fake.  I didn't click on any of the links in the email.

Instead, I went into my amazon account through a different internet browser altogether and there it was . . . gift card for an odd amount.

Hmmmm . . .

Do you know what it was?  It was YOU!  Although I don't think anyone has actually clicked on one of my amazon links and bought something I do know that some of you have clicked on a link or two along the way.  And those clicks added up to my having money to spend.


Being unemployed sucks for so many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I can't indulge in my whims.  I want to buy stuff but . . . should I when I am not making any income?  Probably not.  Not that I don't ever get things.  I just wait and put off and hope for bargains and such.

So naturally a windfall like this (and it isn't a huge windfall by any stretch of the imagination) is enough to have me giddy with glee.

I immediately looked around at possibilities.

Yes, this is actually the first thing that came to mind, a cd collection of the music from Lord of the Rings.  And not just the soundtrack from one of the movies but all three of the movies.

Close behind it was a Star Wars related something.

I think at this point I began scaring myself.  I mean seriously?  I get a little money and the first things I think to buy are blatantly geeky and rather embarrassing.  And I do not embarrass easily.

So I walked away.  I thought about it some more and said, "Books.  I can buy something intellectual and inspiring." That was the way to go.

  The next thing you know I'm looking at graphic novels.

Oh dear God, just strike me down now before I hurt myself.  Did I really think looking at graphic novels would be an improvement, that this would somehow prove I am not a pathetic geek after all?

Back to the drawing board.

The truth is, I actually looked at buying some food because our local supermarket doesn't carry Dreamfields lasagna pasta and it would be nice to make a lasagna for dinner.  And there's something kind of sad about being practical with money that's kind of like a gift.  Some vitamin supplements, a gift for Rob, a toy for Bibi.

That's where my head is now, again, after looking at the graphic novels.

In the meantime, keep clicking!  If I don't indulge myself a lot this time around, maybe next time I'll be self-indulgent and irresponsible.  In fact, I'll make a promise to you.  The next time I get a gift card through amazon, I'll definitely be frivolous with most of it.  So click click click.  The more you do, the more self-indulgent I can be.


  1. I say indulge on ur geeky side. I think more people would find that endearing and if they don't ...F*** them. It is our hobbies and our interests that label us as individuals

  2. Rob actually said he'd be upset with me if I didn't buy the cd because he knows how much I love the music in the movies.

    But the real question now is: Did you click on any of the links?

  3. A couple yes. Depended on the subjects at hand!

  4. Then I shall strive to include at least one link a week somewhere in a blog post that will be interesting to everyone who reads.

    Nah. I'll just keep writing posts and including links that are of interest to me. Muahahaha!