Saturday, March 05, 2011

I am such a geek

Most of you already know this but a few of you may not know the depths to which my geekdom can go.  Someone directed me to this and I practically squealed with delight.  I was saving up for the BrainPort device but since the FDA has turned down it's use in the US and I can't find any research to support its benefits for those with cervical vertigo, I may as well switch gears.  Not sure how many zeros are in a septillion (I'm assuming 7 sets of zeros and I could look it up and pretend I knew it off the top of my head but I should at least confess that my geekdom has its limits) but that won't stop me from getting my plans in place.

Oh wait.  Didn't Nathan Fillion say he needed far less to resurrect Firefly?  I may have to make a choice here.  Death Star?  Firefly?  Death Star?  Firefly?  Invest in Firefly to build revenue for Death Star!  Hot damn!  I'm ready!

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