Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ignorance is Bliss

If only you, dear readers, knew how very much I blog, you would be appalled.  What?  You think I don't post often?  I think only one or two of you actually have access to most of my blogs but . . . not all.  Muahahahaha!

I was thinking the other day that I might just merge them all into one blog so that I wouldn't accidentally post in one blog what I intended for another, forcing me to delete the post in one and post it as I had intended.  But then I thought about how often I post in my various blogs and thought by not plopping it all in one blog I at least give you the choice to read what you want and avoid the rest.

For instance, let's begin with the ones you can't read anyway.

There's Satia Unspoken which I created as a dumping ground for my hurt and anger.  If I want to write an unsent letter or whine about my husband or my children, I post it there.  I don't want everyone else to read these things.   Sometimes I just post a link for future reference in this blog.  Other times, I post pornographic stories.  Okay.  I don't ever post pornographic stories in that blog.  I'm just seeing if you're paying attention.

Then there's the Family Blog.  You can't read it because it's by invitation only but, trust me, if you ask anyone in the family, I post the hell out of that blog.  Pictures.  Links.  Videos.  Random things.  I'm at my most promiscuous in that blog.

Of course, there is this blog, Satia's Journal.  This one probably comes closest to reflecting my journal publicly as I ever choose to get.  I will occasionally dip a toe into being more transparent but often back off before I go in too deep.  Been there.  Done that.  Can't go back.

Satia's Wellbeing is a blog that I created to complement the volunteer work I'm doing for the Wellness & Writing Connections organization.  I've also started using it as a place to share information about vertigo, mostly links but also my personal experience.  For instance, this post is meant to be a resource to help those with vertigo explain how it does affect every facet of our lives and to help those who know someone with vertigo recognize the subtle signs of the challenges vertigo brings.

The easiest blog for me, at this point, is the Satia's Reviews blog because I always have something to say about what I read so I may as well blog about it.  By breaking my book reviews off from this blog I'm also forced to write something other than book reviews.  I hope that's working out well for you, dear readers.

If you're a true glutton for punishment then you can also read Satia's Body Blog which is mostly my whining about trying to lose weight which used to be easier but I'm older and apparently becoming a cliche for the first time in my life.  For the record, I don't like being a cliche.

But wait, there's more.

There's the dream journal which I don't usually mention because it's pretty dull reading other people's dreams.  It's also pretty much a waste of time.  Dream interpretation is only relevant when it comes from within.  The symbolic meaning of dreams is unique and, although there are some universal dream experiences--like being unprepared for an important exam or losing control of a vehicle while you're driving--the dreams that resonate most profoundly are typically informed by experiences that are simply not able to be interpreted by others.  Although I have interpreted other people's dreams when requested, I never feel comfortable doing so and I rarely think the person is getting to the core or essential meaning of the dream by letting someone else do the work.  It's rather like coming up with a really great idea for a story and telling someone else to write it for you.  In the end the result is not your own.  Not really.

The last two are formerly public but currently private.  Ages ago I came across this 101 Things in 1001 Days.  I made my list and posted it.  Then I created a blog in which to track my progress.  But 1001 days came and went.  I soon realized that some of the things I'd listed required help from others (because of the vertigo) or put financial demands on me and mine that I had not anticipated.  Saying I wanted to read the Pulitzer Prize winning poetry books I thought would mean a quick trip to the library but, as it turned out, many of the books were unavailable through the library and I would have had to buy them to read them.  I couldn't afford to do that at the time and, so, I realized that I had created a list that included things I could not possibly complete as I had hoped.

However, I like the list so I've kept the blogs because I still hope to someday complete it.  Hey!  It could happen.  Of course, it would probably happen faster if I weren't spending so much time creating new blog posts every time I turn around.  My getting a full-time job should go a long way to slowing all this nonsense down.  In the meantime, I hope you all are enjoying all the choices I've put out there for you.


  1. and here i was getting excited about the pornographic stories..

  2. Me too. You may have to settle for some poetry unfortunately.