Monday, March 28, 2011

Nearly Forgot

So yes, here we are, one week away from my birthday and I nearly forgot that April is not only National Poetry Month but it is also . . . are you ready for this?

International Fake Journal Month.

OooOooOoohhhhhh . . . Aaaaaaahhhhhh  . . .

Last year I had the delight in reading a wonderful fake journal written be Evi.  Inspired by Harry Potter, she created a fake journal for a Hogwart's student of her own creation.  The journal is charming and clever and I love every page of it.  Here is a video for another fake journal:

Here is a link to the official site:  LINK

So here we are again and April is full of things.  I've never participated in International Fake Journal month.  Many of the examples on the site are so pretty and I am not artistically inclined.  Rather, I have lost my artistic eye.  Still, I just love this idea.  I must because even though I didn't go out of my way to find out about it and haven't done a thing to participate in it and completely forgot about it until I was reminded . . . well, it seems I'm bound to at least enjoy it vicariously.


  1. I actually keep several fake journals along with my real one hidden about the labyrinth that I call home. Maybe I killed that guy in Panama or maybe he had an aneurism depends on which one you read.

  2. I don't think I have time for a fake one since I can't even update my real ones regularly.