Monday, March 21, 2011

A Poem from Vertigo Verses

To Tell the Truth 

It gets weary explaining the differences between
Vestibular and cervical, and google searches
Lead to U2 mp3s and graphic novels but
Never to anything close to an answer or cure.

Maybe someday I will come to forgive
Bono and Gaiman for confusing the issue
But that will only be sometime before
I forgive the doctors for not knowing
How to make it all go away forever.

Miss Jackson and Meatloaf may not need me
To come to their defense but I’m the one who hides
Afraid that people will think it’s all in my head
Just some psychosomatic psychosis unable to cope
With the reality of getting old or being sober.

The audacity of invisible illnesses,
Misdiagnoses, and inconclusive tests.
Point a finger of blame where nothing stands,
Where beliefs sway in the wind of judgment,
Where Gaiman humanizes Death to feel grounded.

I am never sure of this piece.  It's so full of pop references and I doubt most people get them all because my eclectic taste in things tends to keep me all over the map.  In light of earlier comments, I figured I'd toss this out.  Two weeks in a row with some old poem pulled from an even older file?  Wow.


  1. Well Im sorry Ms Jackson, but I had meatloaf for lunch and now like a bat out of hell I am afraid I have to try and meet Neil for a meeting before I'm seeing RED. I tell you all this is stressing like a me out like a cheap amplifier and Im sure it is for U2. I could use a bit of sleep but until the sandman comes I guess I could just follow my philosophy of sleeping when I'm dead.

  2. Ha. Good one. You made me chuckle in spite of the strained muscle in my back.