Friday, March 04, 2011

Satia Slideshow

Last year I had fun sharing images of things I found online that are called Satia.  Today, exactly one month before my birthday, I stumbled upon this slideshow.

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While I don't think any of these actually look anything like me, I can't complain.  I think I would be happy to have most of these things in my home for me to enjoy.


  1. I would buy the dragon candles as I am partial to dragons. I also would buy the little harp thing at the beginning of the montage.

  2. I've long wanted one of those wind chime water fountains where the water flows down causing the chimes to do their thing.

    But then I suppose they wouldn't be windchimes. They'd be waterchimes.

    Plus, I think some people believe I have enough windchimes already and don't need new ones. But I may have found a loophole on this one. These are not windchimes so much as they are waterchimes. Ergo, I am not getting another windchime.

    Ooooh . . . I love loopholes that work in my loopy favor.