Thursday, March 03, 2011

Synecdoche, New York - Review

I can't recall if I attempted to review this movie upon viewing it but, after watching it, I knew it was brilliant beyond words and if I did try to write a review, I didn't do it the just that this movie does.
This is also the movie that made me begin to fall in love with Michelle Williams. I honestly think that, left to my druthers, I'd grab everything she was ever in and absorb it in a mad marathon of Michelle immersion.
Funny Side Note
When I first woke up with vertigo, I was often stuck in bed. At the time, Dawson's Creek was on a seemingly endless rerun and I managed to avoid it for quite some time. Eventually, I surrendered and about once or twice a week I would catch an episode.
As it turns out, although they played two or three episodes a day, I could watch one episode once or twice a week and still keep up with the endless soap opera of the story.
After three months of this, and into about season two or the beginning of season three, the station changed its programming and dropped poor Dawson and his crew altogether.
I still don't know what happened to any of them. I only know that the first time I watched an episode I thought, "Hey! Isn't that the girl from Brokeback Mountain?"
So I suppose at this point I should add an addendum to my above effusion and say that while I would happily immerse myself in her work, I probably would just as happily not watch Dawson's Creek.


  1. This probably one of my favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman flicks. He portrays an honesty that is really achieved by an on screen actor. The overall film is very good, however I must note that there were parts that seemed to drag and feel a bit derivative but these were fleeting and did nothing to truly diminish the movie.

  2. I know what you mean about some parts seeming like they dragged but I confess that a part of me filtered that through an appreciation of how time seems to be, and those dramatic pauses so common in foreign films where the audience is invited to meditate or reflect up what has come before.

    Or maybe I was feeling mellow enough to just enjoy those moments of slowing down.

  3. Joe and I saw this movie at a little theater in Athens called Cine. It was such a lovely movie.
    He was surprised when I told him that Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger used to be married.

  4. Oh darn. I thought they were only living in sin. I didn't know that they had married. Oh well. There goes that delusion.