Monday, March 21, 2011

Two Weeks and Counting

Scary as it is to say, two weeks from today I shall turn 49.  I still haven't stopped celebrating my birthday.

I sent my loved ones my J list of gifts.  Every year I create a new wish list.  This began one year with the letter F when everything on my list, without planning it, began with the letter F.  Since then, I've had the fun of creating new wish lists that are determined by the next letter in the alphabet.  So J includes Jack Johnson and Judy Garland and juggling and Juno and journaling.

But I have other lists.

Like my graphic novel wish list.

Or my crafting wish list.

And more.  There's a Bibi wishlist and a list of coloring books (I kid you not) and one that's strictly exercise videos and yet another that lists movies and music I would like to own.

The longest list is the Neverending To Be Read List which is currently at 327 items.  I can't read nearly as quickly as I can add to my own list.  Oh well . . .

So mark your calendars and get ready for my big 49 on April 4.  Woohoo!


  1. Well I must say that I was surprised to see the Age of Apocalypse on your graphic novel list lol. The neil Gaimen stuff I kinda expected. I was surprised that there was no Alan Moore though. Anyways, Happy Birthday in advance in case I forget!

  2. Age of Apocalypse kicked ass!

    As for Moore . . . I've read From Hell and V for Vendetta and Watchmen and I have hugely mixed feelings. Technically there is much to love. His research for From Hell infuses the story with a surprising depth and the politics of V for Vendetta is also remarkable.

    But his misogyny leaves a huge distaste in my mouth and I just feel icky after reading his works. I never like it enough because I want to like it and then end up feeling disgusted by it.

    I also find it curious how his books seem to have a homophobic quality and yet he is a public advocate for the community, etc. So I get a sense that he's a tremendously conflicted man. And since I'm not being paid to analyze him, I'd rather not give financial support to his work.

    But let me tell you how I really feel . . . LOL!

  3. As a PS . . .

    Mostly I would love to have the Death comics although not Gaiman necessarily . . . why?

    Vertigo didn't really click with audiences until Sandman and Death. I think there's something in the metaphor for me, living with vertigo, Death being a lynch pin for the publication, etc. Weird for sure but so be it.

  4. Yes, he is quite conflicted. Read "A Killing Joke" and you can see that. (That is what the main influence for the Dark Knight movie actually came from.) V for Vendetta is a great work. But also consider the time and the audience. Women in comics at that time tended to be sex objects to appease 12 year old boys. The medium has now grown and there are as many, if not more women reading and writing super hero comics as there are men. I wonder what his stories would be like if he were writing now.

  5. It's weird. I can absolutely appreciate what Moore does on a technical level but I feel the same way about Joyce Carol Oates and have stopped reading her works. I appreciate the technique used, etc., but since I don't enjoy what I'm reading on any level what's the point of reading more?

  6. I forget your age all the time because you still look a decade younger than you really are. The only way I remember is recalling how shocked I was when you told me how old you were when I was in high school. :)

  7. Yeah, and I can't even lie about my age because the ages of my children give me away.