Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly To Do List Review

To be honest, I'm not sure there's any point in my explaining why I made progress or didn't.  Obviously, I was sick most of the week and am still recovering.  The list is ambitious under the best of circumstances.  My compromised health didn't help matter and I am discouraged beyond description.  I feel like this year has been nothing but false starts and stress.  How can I get ahead when shit keeps happening and pushes me further behind?  ARGH.  Anywhere, here's the end result of the list and I'm still going to make a new list because I am a masochist, obviously.

Work Related
Sign up for additional online course
--Word (started so this week finish)
--Excel (sign up and get started)
Organize desk and desktop
Organize file
Apply to jobs (monthly ttl 19/annual ttl 115/interviews 0)
Email Jessica

Conference Work
Upload conference call notes to blog (from 3 March)
Workshop conference call (Tuesday, 11:00am)
Send agenda to committee (Monday)
Type notes for conference call
Send conference call notes
Upload conference call notes to blog
Reschedule ejournal committee conference call
Send out March preview newsletter
Upload and post-date poems to blog
Remove poem and transfer to newsletter
Listen to Lifelines and take notes (cd 1)
Respond to John's email
Create flyer for conference
Send flyer to Terre
Send flyer to board members
Share flyer on linkedin group
Insert flyer into mid-month note

Get email inbox under 350 unread (currently 365)
Write Patrick (re 2010)
Write Momma (re book and box)
Write Evi (re package)
Write Saila
Write Greg (re holidays)

Organize shelves in guest room
Clean blinds in great room
Organize shelves in great room
Scrub kitchen floor

Reiki meditation 5x per week
Strength training 3x per week
Core workout 5x per week (su-mo)
Cardio 3x per week
Yoga daily (su-mo-tu)
Update well-being blog twice
Update personal blog twice
Update body blog daily
Study Italian 3x
Find “The Politics of” piece
Read piece
Post piece online

Walk with Kanika (Saturday)
Schedule new game day
Call Love
Visit with Mary (Sunday)

The Self-Compassion Diet
Stories of Illness and Healing: Women Write Their Bodies
You Can Beat the Odds!
Lady Susan
Some Personal Papers (part of the Fifteen in 2011 list)
Art & Lies

Write Reviews
Peace and Plenty chapter 3
Bella Abzug

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