Monday, April 25, 2011

And Thank YOU Again

Because of your clicking on links, I was able to buy some pretty nifty things, including these a book, cds, and dvds.

I realize, of course, that you may not think any of these things is nifty.

But I love Issa's book and this introduced me to the idea of haibun, a form of memoir writing I had never personally considered.

And I love Damien Rice through whose music I first heard Lisa Hannigan's amazing voice so having these cds makes my endlessly growing collection feel more complete.

Finally, the walking dvds . . . I admit, these are not terribly exciting and arguably not nifty but what is nifty is the research that suggests walking to the rhythm of music can help people with balance disorders.  If occasionally using a walking workout dvd will help me live with the vertigo better then it is a small thing to do, adding these three dvds (with 7 separate workouts) to my collection.

And for these things, I have you to thank.  I used the credit I earned from your clicks to obtain these things.  I bought a few of them discounted (ie. used but in "like new" condition) when it was cheaper to do so.

There's one more thing I promised myself to buy with the gift card but that has not yet arrived.  Ooooh . . . ahhhh . . .

In the meantime, thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


  1. Well, glad to know I helped ya out some again! I did not however click on the yoga thing.

  2. Really? Because I wrote it just for you. (I actually typed that with a straight face!)

  3. While I do enjoy watching women practice yoga in a real life scenario...those are often interrupted by security asking me to leave...the videos, however, bore me