Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Empty Nest

Today my youngest moved out of the house and all the way to Chicago.

He was hoping to move to either Chicago or Kyoto.  And if he doesn’t get a better paying job in Chicago then his next move is to San Francisco.  Each move is predicated upon his being fluent in Japanese and his aspiration to use his language skills to the fullest so he is going where there is a strong Japanese language presence and/or need.

The sigh of relief you hear is me, grateful that he’s still living in the same country.

But here we are, with an empty home.  For nearly 30 years of my life I’ve had at least one child living here and now none.

Do dogs count?  If so, then my nest is not nearly as empty as I initially thought.


  1. Once we get Marc's car, if you ever need company, just call and Bibi (Or Sonic, or Princess Peach, or Coraline, or whoever she happens to be for the day) and I will come over and chase your loneliness away!

  2. Oh goody. I think you should bring everyone--Bibi, Sonic, Princess Peach, and Coraline. Why not? We can have a party!