Monday, April 18, 2011

From Victoria Moran's Newsletter

 Some Simple Stress Reducers from My Friends at the New Age Health Spa

"Don't put up with something that doesn't work right. If something isn't performing, get it fixed or replace it."

"Do nothing which, after being done, causes you to tell a lie."

"Make friends with non-worriers."

"Make duplicates of all keys."

"Do the least pleasant stuff early in the day and get it over with."

"Have a forgiving outlook and believe that most people are doing their best under the circumstances."

And I will be at the New Age Health Spa myself when I visit my mother (because we always go together) and here are the evening lectures that are currently scheduled:
Fri 5/20Sticks & Stones may Break your Bones, yet Words may Heal your Life, Salaam Jaha
This is a powerful exercise of language & use of words that you don’t even realize are holding you back. Enjoy this evening of fun, fun, self-revealing fun! Accompanied by her book.
Sat 5/21Eve's Room, Salaam Jaha
Restore both your original & individual greatness with everyday delicacies in your kitchen & medicine cabinet. Aromatically enjoy how flowers, plants, herbs, fruits & spices can replace harmful cosmetics, welcoming you to age beautifully, naturally & gracefully.
Sun 5/22The Healing Power of Chi, Randi Eisman
Join Randi this evening for an exploration of simple yet, profound body/mind techniques to cultivate the vital life force(chi) to enhance the quality of our life.
Mon 5/23From Passion to Purpose: Finding your Path to Fulfillment, James Porter
Do you long for a greater sense of meaning & purpose in your life? Do you have dreams that seem out of reach? In this lecture James Porter shows the path to your purpose, where personal actualization & making a difference meet.

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