Friday, April 08, 2011

Weekly Quotes Part 14

Reading Women

Too rarely are women taught to distinguish between the destructive, the merely serviceable, and the sublime relationship.  (100)

I think this could be said for everyone but I can see how, especially women, are expected to suffer relationships more because women "should" get married whereas men often are told they "could."  Women are also told they should have children, be mothers, etc.  I have had several friends ask me about having children.  All of them have been women. I've never had a male friend struggle with the idea of not becoming a father while women continue to be told that even if they don't want children now they will when they "grow up."

If the personal is political, then the political, too, has become personal.  (169)

Garland of Love

Loving yourself is imagining life as containing joy: joy in experience, joy in relationship, joy in the contents of your own being, and joy in the delight that others feel in knowing and loving you  (March 31)

I think we've all met that person who carries joy with them, who makes you feel joyous just by being there for you.  And we've known the opposite, those people who suck the joy out of any situation and then wonder why you stop inviting them over.

Give up on your longing for things to be exactly the way that you want them to be in order to receive them exactly as they are.  (April 1)

We’re scared to know what we need (that would be facing a deficit, after all) and we’re even more afraid of expressing it.  (April 4)

There is so much vulnerability in reaching out with "this is what I need" and I never really thought about how that vulnerability begins with just taking the time to sit with yourself, looking at how things are, and truly acknowledging where there is any lack in our lives.

Romancing the Ordinary

[A] charmed life is intentional, not accidental.  (145)

A Winter Book

A pal never forgives, he just forgets, and a woman forgives but never forgets. . . . Being forgiven is very unpleasant.  (30)

There are some amusing implications in that last sentence.  I just think both of these sentences are amusing.

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