Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Next Project If . . .

I would love to make this for my mother but it seems I am missing the chart for the center two blocks.  I'm hoping that someone reading this either cross-stitches or knows someone who cross-stitches.  I'd even be willing to trade the four squares of chart I have for the two I'm missing, this is how dearly I want those two squares.  I can buy the kit but I don't need it.  I have the fabric and the floss and 2/3 of the chart.  Seems silly to spend $45 plus shipping and handling when I really only need a small portion of the whole.  But if it comes down to it, I'm willing to spend the money I don't have to give my mother something she doesn't need.

Fruit Bellpull by Teresa Wentzler


  1. I don't have the chart.......... but....

    Go to and search for teresa wentzler. The chart is there for I think it was 8$. I have used them before. You just pay and download the chart. Easy and convenient.

    Hope you haven't ordered the kit again.

  2. Patches, Thankfully I have not yet bought the kit. This is now definitely going to be my next project as I have all three charts. And when I am finished with the project, I'll be able to pass the charts along to whomever may want them.