Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Quotes Part 19

Tolstoy and the Purple Chair

Forgiveness is an elevated form of acceptance, an acknowledgement that life is not fair . . .  (86)

Not sure I necessary agree that it is an “elevated form of acceptance” because pure acceptance would lack the judgment where forgiveness is needed.  Nevertheless, I found this lovely.

We are unique in how we are loved.  (127)

By extension, we are unique in how we give and receive love.

Even when I read a book where the story had nothing to do with an experience of my own, I found resonance from recovered memories.  (183)

A book doesn’t have to be part of the canon of great literature to make a difference in the reader’s life.  (186)

Garland of Love

Forgiveness does more than merely erase the terrible thing; it is an act of moral courage, a process of self re-creation.  (May 13)

It always interests me when these quotes seem to follow a coincidental theme.  Reading from different books I found two quotes on forgiveness that I liked enough to share.

Simple Abundance

Perhaps now—of all times—when I am nearly bowed under physically, emotionally, and psychologically by the minutiae of the mundane, is the very moment I need the reverence of poets who bear witness to the sacredness of the ordinary.  Then perhaps I shall see . . . all the beauty, joy, and abundance that literally lies at my feet.  (May 7)

Eros the Bittersweet

Your story begins the moment Eros enters you.  That incursion is the biggst risk of your life.  How you handle it is an index of the quality, wisdom, and decorum of the things inside you.  (152)

When you fall in love you abandon the forms of ordinary life.  (160)

Gods know why things are, necessarily, the way they are.  (162)

Eros is always a story in which lover, beloved and the difference between them interact.  (169)

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