Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekly Quotes Part 21

Anne of Ingleside

It is as easy to give away a million as a hundred if you have not got either.  (251)

Garland of Love

Sometime during this day take a few minutes to contemplate, or better yet write down, a list of all the things in your life that you’d like to let go of: habits, memories, attitudes, possessions, opinions, people.  Do this quickly and spontaneously, and when you have finished, on the same piece of paper make a list of the things in your life that greatly nourish your spirit, the things, people, experiences, viewpoints, and ways of being that you want to take hold of or hold closely to yourself.  (May 20)

Every relaitonship teaches; every relationship, no matter its hardships, disappointments, or even its eventual dissolution, is of inestimable value.  (May 21)

Simple Abundance

Never assume that people in your life, especially those closest to you, won’t innocently meddle in your internal afais while you’re on the path to authenticity.  (May 24)

Every day offers us another opportunity to live passionate lives rather than passive ones, if we will bear witness to passion’s immutable presence in the prosaic.  (May 25)

Little Women

Mr. Bhaer was a diffident man, and slow to offer his opinions, not because they were unsettled, but too sincere and earnest to be lightly spoken.  (390)

Goddesses in Older Women

In a youth oriented patriarchy, especially, to become an older woman is to become invisible, a nonentity.  (ix-x)

When an active archetype rather than an external expectation is the basis for a role we take, there is depth to the choice.  (xv)

When you see yourself as a choicemaker, you take on the role of protagonist in your life story. (xvi)

Many women go through menopause smoothly; for others it is a turbulent passage.  You may miss the opportunity to know how you feel about yourself and your life if you attribute your symptoms only to hormones.  Hormone replacement therapy is prescribed to avoid uncomfortable physical symptoms.  However, . . . everybody else is more comfortable when menopausal symptoms—and therefore, menopausal women—are under control.  (xxiv)

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